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explore the creation of a strong brand that goes beyond visual graphics.

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how its done

I provide distinct services to help you learn to build a brand and surpass your lifestyle goals.

As an experienced Graphic Designer, I know that what transpires between business owners and customers is not about products, prices, or graphics. It’s 100% about the experience. It’s about creating life-changing experiences for customers, clients, and your audience. That’s where the magic happens.

Through coaching, I offer a few different ways to learn this, including books, the blog, and articles, Q & A sessions, speaking engagements, as well as classes, which will empower small business owners to unlock the potential of their brand.


who the hell is Jeff Crosby?

My feelings are a little hurt that you don’t know me, but it’s all good. I’m a Graphic Designer/ Brand Specialist turned teacher, speaker, and consultant. I’m the guy that helps you get it. Tap here to read up on me and see who Jeff is. 

need design services?

For design services such as logo design, website design and development, layout, and brand development, please visit the agency site, All the same services you’re accustomed to receiving from me, you can still get. Check us out. 

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