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Behind the Scenes: The Costly Consequences of Neglecting Website Maintenance

📢🚨I say this over and over again and I don’t even care if yall are sick of hearing it. PAY FOR WEBSITE MAINTENANCE AND UPDATES. whether you pay annually or monthly, someone professional needs to be logging in to the back end of your site and making sure everything is running properly. 

Here are a few personal stories to why it’s a good thing to get website maintenance, tuneups, and updates once a year at the very minimum. 

  1. When was the last time you visited your own site? I had a client that hadn’t  visited her own site in months. Now this is a common thing, so in no way is this a slight towards her. But this time it just so happens that her credit card had expired and she had gotten a new one but hadn’t updated the new card with the host of her domain. Also the emails from the host were going to spam so she wasn’t getting the warnings that her domain was expired. After 6 months of not visiting, she gets a call from a customer informing her that her site is now a gambling site. Her domain had expired and another host snatched it up and used it for online gambling. Now we had a choice to either pay the host to broker a deal with themselves and then pay again whatever price was brokered, or get a new domain. She purchased a new domain similar to the previous one and we were able to get her site back online. Log into your hosting account at least every 3 months, visit your site at least monthly, be sure your host isn’t considered spam to your email account, and pay someone to check into your backend monthly is recommended but at least annually is necessitated. 
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  1. This client loved the work I had done to create his new site. Everything was beautiful and running smoothly. There’s no need for maintenance, it’s running really well and doing what we need it to do, he thought. But behind the scenes no one was checking or performing website maintenance to be sure everything was running smoothly. There was an error. Not fatal yet but it needed to be resolved as soon as possible. But with no one logging into the backend, no one knew the error had happened. So it festered like a puss filled sore for about 8 months, until it became fatal. The site crashed!  There was no recovering it. The entire site had to be rebuilt. It we had attempted to log into the backend of the site we would have seen the error message early and avoided the fatal crash as well as the site rebuild fees. Yep, he had to pay a second time to get his site built again. Small errors become fatal if not remedied. 
  2. They checked the backend frequently, for the first year. The site was doing well. Everything was updated, and the bookings were flowing, along with the money! Woo hoo, we’re making money! After checking monthly for a year, there had been zero issues with the site, so we probably don’t need to check it so often, they believed. Monthly check ins became six month check ins, which became yearly, which became, “we’re busy, I’m sure it’s fine.” One plugin company went out of business which meant there were no more updates to this crucial plugin. While this one stopped updating, the others had been updated multiple times. They soon became incompatible with the older plugin and the site crashed. Luckily we were able to figure it out and replace that plugin with a new one that was similar. But it all had to be done in a rush because they were losing money while the site was down. Rush jobs aren’t free. Especially rush jobs that could’ve been avoided. 
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Your website is extremely important to the success of your company. Just like you have annual checkups for you body, teeth, and eyes; you have routine oil changes, tire rotation, and more completed on our vehicles; we must also be sure that at the very least, once a year, our sites are tended to. Neglecting to do this can be catastrophic or at least expensive. When’s the last time your site was updated? 

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