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Brand and No Chill: The 7-Day Binge You’ll Never Regret

The world of solopreneurship, can be fast-paced and time is of the essence. We all know that building a strong brand is crucial for success. Too bad most people believe it takes months to discover the brand your company needs to build your tribe and find success. I’m here to challenge that notion. Keep reading and I’ll tell you how it’s done, I’m gonna present a compelling argument showcasing how brand building can be accomplished in just one week. And I don’t mean just the branded graphics, I mean true Brand Building. This is done using pre-set processes, client exclusivity, and focused information gathering. I call this the Brand Binge. 

The first secret to expediting the brand-building journey is in developing pre-set processes that streamline everything. Before we ever meet, I have already started by outlining a clear roadmap of the processes and the goals. By breaking down the different components of brand building into manageable steps and having as many of those steps already streamlined as possible, I’m three steps ahead. This allows for efficient execution and ensures consistent results. I have created my own automations, files, and templates to save time. By having these processes in place, I can help my solopreneur clients by tackling some of the brand building tasks swiftly, efficiently, and most importantly, effectively.

Typically designers and creative freelancers and companies take on multiple clients at once. This means that the focus and the time working on each project is divided. With my process of client exclusivity, I work with one client at a time. This means that if I work 10 hours a day, that 10 hours is spent on the project of that client and not switch tasking or multi-tasking as they say, from client to client. I know me, and switch tasking means that some of the wonderful ideas I come up with for one company may get used on another. Not anymore. With the Brand Binge there’s only one project and one client, so all creative fabulousness is channeled into just one project, meaning that projects get completed faster and with more focus. There’s fantastic benefits for us both when client exclusivity takes place. 

Brand building requires a deep understanding of the client, their company, the desired brand attributes, and their target audiences, with a focus on the audience’s preferences, pain points, and aspirations. The key to the success of the Brand Binge is to gather as much focused information as possible as efficiently as possible. My way of doing this is with the required first step of the process, the Brand Brainiac. During this intense 4 hour process, we get together with lots of sticky notes, Sharpies and many pinpointed questions, and more questions. During this part of the process, not only do we discover your brand, but also how your graphics created from this discovery session should look and feel. This eliminates much of the back and forth approval and revision process, making the time used much more efficient and laser-focused. 

Brand building is often seen as a time-consuming process, and I’ll admit, that it truly is. Usually. But I have taken the time to study myself, my processes, and my craft and figured out a way that it doesn’t have to be. My Brand Binge process including the Pocket Protector vetting stage, the Brand Brainiac information gathering and discovery session, and the Nerdvana asset creation stage, means that solopreneurs can expedite the brand-building journey and get it done in just seven days. My twenty plus years of experience ensures the quality of the process and the work. My meticulous nature promises that the job will be completed with precision. Book your Pocket Protector now and let’s get started creating a strong and impactful brand and do it in just one week.

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