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Yeah I know that rhyme was corny. I told you I was nerd. It’s all good though.Are you my peoples? Wanna keep up with what I have going on, get some branding tips, some solopreneur tips, and free shit? then fill out the form below and be a part of the tribe. 

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the offer

Using my innovative and time saving Brand Binge process, I will have you ready to compete in just 7 business days.

Together, we will take your brand from where you are to where you wanna be in just one week. The way that I can do this is by making you number 1. You’re the only customer. Once you get past the first step and sign up, my calendar belongs to you.


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the process

With my dope ass Brand Binge process, you can feel confident in your brand and ready to compete in just seven business days.

Step One. The Pocket Protector

We first get started with the free Pocket Protector Fit Call. This call allows us to have a brief discussion to ensure that we are the right fit for each other. It helps us understand your specific needs and goals while providing you with an opportunity to gauge our expertise and approach.

Step Two. The Brand Brainiac

If the fit call indicates that we are aligned, the next stage involves purchasing our 4-hour Brand Brainiac Discovery Session. During this intensive session, we dive deep into your brand's essence, values, target audience, and unique selling proposition. Together, you and I brainstorm and uncover the core elements that will help shape your authentic brand identity. We end this session with a full plan of how the next step should go allowing us to move quickly on it.

Step Three. Nerdvana

The next step, The Delivery of the Goods. After the Brand Brainiac session, we move on to the exciting final step known as Nerdvana. This is where I get to work and bring your brand identity to life based on the Brand Brainiac Plan. I create captivating graphics, logo designs, and website all based on the color schemes, typography, and other visual elements that we already agreed upon in the last step. That is what makes this work. The visual elements are created much smoother with a plan already in place and approved. 

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By making you my only client and executing the  Brand Binge process with a concentration on the Brand Brainiac which answers all the questions, I can use a laser type focus to uncover your brand in just 7 business days.

None. I only offer the Brand Binge, a one week brand building experience for solopreneur service providers through 3 intense steps, the Pocket Protector to make sure we’re a good fit, the Brand Brainiac to answer all questions about your brand, and Nerdvana, which is not mandatory, is the magic of design. You may choose to take you Brand Brainiac plan to another designer, and that’s just fine with me. 

For single design services such as logo design, site design, and layouts, please visit the agency

Nah. This is the process. We don’t take shortcuts or skip steps. Why would you want to do that? The Pocket Protector is free, only takes 15 minutes, and benefits us both. You may realize that I’m not the one and decide to go elsewhere. Wouldn’t you rather have your time and your pockets protected? 

Nah. Again, this is the process. We don’t take shortcuts or skip steps.  

The Brainiac is what makes Nerdvana possible in a week. The intense discovery and planning process is what allows me to get the graphics completed so fast. 

The cost of the Brand Binge starts at $1200. The Pocket Protector is free. The Brand Braniac session is $1200 and you will have a complete plan which you are free to take to any designer or you can choose to stay with me and get all the graphics completed through Nerdvana for $6000 minus the cost of the Brand Brainiac, or $4800. 

Who else can get it done and get it done extremely well in just 7 business days?

my years of experience has taught me what to ask and how to prepare to be ready to sit at the computer. By preparing early and asking intensely, I know all I need to know before the design phase begins, which cuts out the guessing stage and allows me to get it done quicker. 

I have been training for this since 1991 and mastering the process since 2007. If I sound confident it’s because I am. Let’s give it a shot and see won’t you speak about me to your friends with that same confidence. 

Nah. The Brand Brainiac is all about the thinking, strategizing, and planning. When its over you will have many tangible items such as a digital copy of the Nerd Brand Plan, a working knowledge of Canva or Adobe Express to use for maintaining your brand identity in your marketing efforts, video tutorials showing how to use templates to build your site, videos on how to maintain it, and more.

Nope. With the Nerd Brand Plan, you will have all of the instructions and tools to build your brand on your own or hire another designer. The plan belongs to you to do with it what you please. Of course I would go with me though. Those designs won’t be Jeff Crosby designs and you don’t do bootleg shit. get the real deal. Trust me in this one, go Nerdvana. 

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