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the brand brainiac

African American male hand writing on sticky notes

A 4-hour intense brand discovery session. This session is designed to reveal and analyze your company’s goals, uncover the brand attributes that will make your brand relatable, and discover the brand hidden behind your graphics and imagery. This aint your casual chat over coffee kind of session, nope! We’ve got tons of sticky notes and sharpies ready for action. 

By the end of our session, I guarantee you’ll walk away with an in-depth understanding of the brand that was hiding behind the graphics and ready to level up with new messaging, graphics, marketing, and possibly a new set of clients. No more just having a company, it’s time to take things up a notch. This session and the gains from it will put you ahead of your competition and give you the competitive edge you need. 

Remember, no one knows your vision like you do, so you’re a major factor in this session. Let’s join forces and take your brand to the next level! Here’s a list of what The Brand Brainiac promises.

  • We’ll spend 4 hours working on your brand together.
  • We’ll figure out the brand’s identity and personality, plus where it’s headed.
  • You’ll learn how to create, build, and maintain your brand’s identity.
  • You’ll walk away with the Nerd Brand Plan, a solid plan for your brand, and understand why a brand is much more than just having company and some graphics.
  • We’ll leave no questions unanswered, and you’ll receive a digital copy of that Nerd Brand Plan.
  • Take your Nerd Brand Plan to any designer and get your graphics exactly the way you want them.
  • You will have a working knowledge of Canva or Adobe Express to use for maintaining your brand identity in your marketing efforts
  • You’ll know what to say to designers and marketers to grow your brand.
  • Finally, you’ll leave with a wealth of knowledge about branding, as well as how to maintain and elevate your own brand.

the deliverables

You will have all of this on a flash drive when the session is complete.
  • Digital copy of your Nerd Brand Plan
  • Canva or Adobe Express Tutorial Video
  • Brand Checklist
  • Make An Impact e-book
  • Color scheme guide
  • Font pairing guide
  • Video tutorials for maintaining your site

This is a $897 Value