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After the intense discovery session known as the Brand Brainiac you were free to take what we discovered and go to a designer of your choice but you decided to stay here and allow me the privilege of telling your story. Thank you for this. 

In just 3 days we will create everything inside of the Nerd Brand Plan created in the Brainiac session. Again, this will be intense! Day one and two consist of me creating your graphics, site, and other materials in the plan. Day 3 is us coming together once again to revise, approve, and finalize everything. And just like that, in 4 days you have new branding for your company

  • We’ll take the Nerd Brand Plan created from your Brainiac session and create everything in it. 
  • Client is responsible for extra costs, such as printing, and procuring website hosting, and domain

the deliverables

You will have all of this on a flash drive when the session is complete.

  • Everything from your Brainiac Session
  • Brand Checklist
  • Tutorial videos for revising your new website
  • Logo Cheatsheet Guide
  • Logo File Usage Guide
  • Digital versions of all files, including the source files
  • “light hearted: using humor to grow your business”