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Authentically Dope

Authentically dope is a Black Woman Owned t-shirt and apparel company. Selling about 75% of their products online, the company needed a strategic direction to launch and maintain the vision and the message of the company. That message is that Black Women are DOPE and a lot of frills, glitters, and extras aren’t needed to showcase it. 

To begin this journey we first needed a way to show the dopeness of the wearers of the clothing. We accomplished this feat by creating the AD Stamp, which doubles as the company logo. The AD Stamp is located on the outside back collar of every piece that gets sold. Its not on the front of the clothes, except the Signature Line, because that’s not where the seal would be. Next we needed the apparel. I sat down with the team to create some catchy sayings to go on the apparel that Black women would be proud to wear showcasing their dopeness out loud. Sayings such as “Borderline Petty”, “That Hair Though”, and “Effortlessly Dope”. After we had about 8 different sayings we set out to build the online store which would be able to handle 75% of the sales. The final step was marketing, which was done with a series of flyers posted on social media showcasing the authentic dopeness of Black women. 

Look around below and see all that I completed with this company, then tap the button to visit the site and support this Black Woman Owned Business. 


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