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Stay Calm, Stay Organized, Stay Professional, with a CRM

My clients stay organized, even without an administrative assistant.

As service pros, we are all always juggling multiple calendars, trying to keep up with scattered client information, and chasing payments. Have you ever heard of CRM?

A good CRM (client relationship manager) will streamline your business and elevate your client experience. I am a fan and a user of HoneyBook so that’s the CRM that I’ll discuss, but there others out there as well. They should always be able to be integrated right into your website.

Even without an administrative assistant, for me, there’s no more worry about double bookings with an automated booking calendar synced with my own personal, family, and work schedules. The client can book their consultation from my site but if there’s already an event happening or if I have a certain block of the day locked in for busy work, these times are unavailable for booking. I can’t overstate how beneficial this is.

The client portal feature is a must have for me. Keep all client details in one organized place with a client portal for easy access by you as well as the client, anytime, anywhere. The professionalism of the client portal is also a bonus. Adding a button on your site where clients can log into their own space where they can pay invoices, upload files, leave notes, and more for you, ingrains a sense of trust in you as it makes you seem like a seasoned pro.

And now the most important part of having a CRM, money!!! A CRM like HoneyBook should allow you to seamlessly collect deposits and payments with integrated payment options. This creates a smoother booking process and allows you to send invoices when necessary and encourages you to stop using Cashapp for business transactions. Nothing against Cashapp but high end clients don’t want to pay their service professionals the same way they send money to their kid in college.

Ready to simplify your workflow and enhance your client interactions? Tap here to kickstart your journey with me and with HoneyBook. Make your life as a service professional simpler, more effective, and efficient. Let’s revolutionize the way you work together!

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