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I talk to every single client

The only way I can know what your needs are is to have a conversation. I become a member of your team, from strategy  and planning, up until the time we go live. That means decisions can be communicated and made in real-time, direction can be adjusted if needed, and your project gets completed to your liking and on time. 

i'm jeff

I am a brand nerd. An extroverted introvert who’s a little eccentric, loves Star Wars AND Star Trek, animals (from a distance), Jeopardy, some good jazz, and a smooth cigar. I am a father, husband, home to a huge random information library, and a lover of color.

I am an entrepreneur with a heart for entrepreneurs. My relentless inquisitiveness, and a passionate critical thinking makes me good at my craft. My heart gives me a sincere love for small business and making them look great. I want every small business around me to be able to stand toe to toe with large corporations when it comes to their brand identity.


I’m Also an Author

grow your brand

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is a short guide e-book of questions and answers from a long time Graphic Designer  turned Brand Specialist. In this guide I speak about vector files, what makes a good logo, and more. Its a quick read but it will save you lots of time, consultation fees, and failed attempts at creating a brand identity. Get your copy today. 

enough about me.

Let’s get started fitting your company with a new brand identity.

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