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logo designs

A huge part in designing a great logo is that it looks good in one color (monotone). Before the color is added to a logo it must be able to step out in a monotone suit and still look good. The logo makes the colors look good, colors don’t make a logo look good.

As a prominent symbol of your brand, the logo must be easy to understand, easy to read, look good in monotone, and look good in any size.

Here are a few logo designs that I created. Hover to see how it looks in color, tap to see the logo brand guide. 

Illustration by Kristopher Lacey

website design and development

Who wouldn’t want a super employee that works for free, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and can be all over the world at once? This is what having a website does for businesses. Your site can be strictly for informational purposes, show off a portfolio of your work, or act as a store to sell products. The choices are endless as to what kind of employee the site becomes.

The site must look good, function well, be easy to navigate, and it must be able to answer the questions asked or reveal how to find the answers. 

TAP the samples below to visit the sites. All of these sites were designed, developed by me. I also created the user interface, and cultivated the user experience for them. 

Here are few more. 

layout and book cover designs

Creating layout designs is actually one of my favorite things to do in the world. I love the challenge of creating each page one by one but knowing that the page must be able to assimilate into the entirety of the design, as well as not clash with the page right beside it. I love all the unwritten rules that go along with it like never leave a widow (single word left alone on a line). And I definitely love seeing my designs being used, whether its for print or interactive.

TAP below to view a few layouts I have completed.  

brand identity strategy & development

Many people believe that the logo is the brand, or that the logo plus the website, plus some flyers and such is the brand. This is not wrong but its also not correct. These items are branded graphics which form part of the brand identity. The brand goes much much deeper than just these symbols. 

On a strategic level the brand consists of a brand message, a brand voice, all of the symbols, the typefaces (fonts) used, the colors incorporated, the style of photography used, the shape of the icons utilized and so much more. 

While I can create and show off the branded graphics, I can also work with the client tho create the entirety of the brand strategy which will determine the direction that the brand moves as well as the feel of the brand identity. 

Check out a few samples of branded graphics brought together to form the identity of these companies. 

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